Landon “Air” Sanders posted an interesting tweet, “Surprised so many people didn’t know that there is an event this weekend.” Call of Duty World League, a seasoned eSports event will run in 2016  with many teams competing against a $3 million prize pool.

How are eSports fans finding out these events?  Well, it’s a constant battle through research in the internet and fans find themselves easily lost. It’s not that fans are not interested, there is no outlet for them to know when and where these events will be happening.

The Challenge Division, meanwhile, will give amateur and aspiring pro players a chance to compete in a (series of official LAN events). Winning teams in the Challenge Division will also nab a spot in the Championship.

For the first time, the CoD Championship is moving from spring to fall, giving players more time to hone their Black Ops III skills throughout the World League season. Between series payouts, LAN events, and the Championship, Activision plans to hand out that $3 million+. – By Angel Moscaritolo

If these such events are for aspiring pro players how does an amateur compete? These are the questions and problems that we would like to shed into light. What’s exciting about eSports in general is that the gaming community is interested and we at Ward eSports hope to tackle this problem by providing a platform where gamers could connect and self-organize in these major events.