The Salt Mines held their inaugural Super Smash Bros Wii U tournament in Chelsea, New York City at the Stepping Out Studios on Saturday, December 5, 2015. The group is a New York City-based that aims to be an accessible, social gaming nexus for casual and competitive players alike in the tri-state area.


Almost 90+ community gamer’s who attended got a chance to test their skills to compete for the $500 prize pool. The venue had a room packed with consoles, monitors and excitement from the gamers screaming in the tournament.


The event was fantastically organized” – Pig

We spoke with one of the participants, Michael aka “Pig”, said that “The event was fantastically organized”.  Although he was eliminated from the bracket, Pig was happy to meet new friends, learn new techniques, and was grateful for the tips he got from those who he went up against in order to improve on what he could do better.  Pig also added that he would return to one of Salt Mine’s event again.



Salt Mines Team Left to right: Michael, Sarah, Arthur

The Salt Mine’s team members were very passionate in organizing the event.  Michael, aka “Span”, told us that they want to drive the local community of gamers who play Super Smash Bros. together and the community responded in a great way. 


Hosting a huge event like this couldn’t have been possible without the teams shared dedication and effort”, said Arthur.

It’s impressive how much the gaming community and its community leaders have an impact within its local area. The amount of attendees demonstrated the need for local gaming community leaders to be more involved and have enthusiasts involved.


The meaning of “salt” in gaming referring to as having a bad taste after losing a match. For the community it makes perfect sense and rightfully fits the name of their community gaming.

We look forward to seeing more events hosted by The Salt Mines NYC in the near future! For more information visit their website.