Wow.  So, here’s a “world” first. We are soo excited and proud to announce our very first international partnership with Rumble Royale @RumbleRoyale to help unify thousands of their members throughout Metro Manila, Philippines!  

I got in touch with Mac, one of the Co-Creators at Rumble Royale, through one of their community memebers, @SeikoJeff , who was live streaming on Twitch that evening.  Minutes after exchanging our visions of the eSports culture, without hesitation, we concluded that our symbiotic partnership is valuable to nurture the growth and connection of the eSports community.

In a league of their own

Rumble Royale is a multimedia production group that caters to the eSports culture of the Philippines by creating a lot of content for their community and engage with them in a way that no other organization in the area is doing.

Rumble Royale is very community-centric.  They make sure that all of their events provide a great experience for their community members.  Take their most recent event for example: Rumble Royale’s Community Day @ WarGods 2016 had about 300+ of their community members showed up and participated.

Wait.  Did I mention they have a live online video radio talk show called Rumble Radio?  Rumble Radio covers a wide variety of topics including gamers, geeks, and nerd culture (haha) hosted by John Lloyd Cruz and Mikachu. This goes to show that they go above and beyond to express their interest and passion with interacting with their community.  Curious to what Rumble Radio is?  Watch the short clip below!

We’re humbled and honored to be partnered with such a thriving eSports community in the Philippines.  Even though we’re literally worlds apart, our passion with connecting gamers to community events makes us relatively close.  Check out Rumble Radio on Facebook and YouTube channel – you’ll seriously be impressed.

Learn more about Rumble Royale’s upcoming gaming and streaming events in the Ward app available in both App Store and Google play.

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