Olympus eSports, LLC (@Esports_Olympus) was founded by Evan Tripp, Matthew Sharpe and Kevin Madison in October 2014. What started as a video game tournament series has grown into an expanding company set on creating new avenues in eSports. (Olympus eSports.com/AboutUs)

For about three years, Olympus eSports has been able to host a number of successful tournaments that brought over a good number of gamers to participate.  As a matter of fact,  Evan approached Ward eSports by submitting their upcoming event: Tiger Smash IV on March 26, 2016.  Check out the hype video below!



Other than hosting live/online tournaments and streams, Olympus eSports has pro teams for Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U, and League of Legends.  These guys are so dedicated to growing their community and we are more than humbled to be part of their growing community!

Olympus eSports and Ward eSports are excited to collaborate together to bring the gamers of South Carolina together.  To find out more information about Olympus eSports, check out their website and download the Ward eSports app to see their event calendar for the next Olympus eSports event!


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