On February 18, 2016 I was able to sit and chat with John Goldberg, a local Smash Bros. celebrity that regularly attends the Nexus Gaming events in Union City, NJ.

John Goldberg, aka @JohnNumbers, started his career as a Smash Bros. player by attending local New York City tournaments and was able to work his way up to win the 2015 E3 Nintendo World Championship in Los Angeles, CA.

Three years ago, John heard about the Nexus Gaming from its CEO, Matt aka @NucleusTaka, when they both got acquainted in one of the Smash tournaments in New York City.  Since then, John Numbers has been attending regularly to compete and to have fun.  In addition, he also thinks that local tournaments are nice because he is able to practice among the best local smash players and  it’s cool that video games are able to develop some sense of community.

Having that said, when I introduced John to the Ward eSports platform, his impression of what it can do for the local gamer’s are positive.  He mentioned that even thought here are other social platforms that can be used, Ward eSports’ features will be helpful and useful to find local tournaments.


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