On a Sunday January 18, 2016 there were two major NFL games that was considered a “must watch” if you are an NFL fan, Steelers (16) vs Broncos (23) and Seattle (24) vs Carolina (31). Both games have high caliber players from Peyton Manning, Russel Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton. But, there are other events that are taking some interest in the new generation, eSports. The North American League of Legends season 6 week 1 had began and eSports fans are excited to watch their favorite teams for the year.


January 16 & January 17 2016 NFL events

For eSports fans, watching games alone is great, but its not as fun as watching events with like minded fans. Gathering together is something that gamers really want do and really truly enjoy. I had a pleasure of watching week 1 of League of Legends North American LCS (League Championship Series) with friends who truly enjoy eSports and its competitive nature. There, we talked about various players that were traded, what makes them better, new patch notes (patch notes are gameplay changes that applies to a champion mechanics in the game), favorite teams and so on!

Globally there are many events going on other than the North American League of Legends from EuropeKorea, China and Southeast Asia. All respectively plays in their own championship series to advance into the World Championships each year during the months of fall (September-October). Last Year’s event was held in 4 different cities from Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin which brought in 36 million on the League of Legends World Championship finals.

Can the days of the so called Sunday Night Football change to Sunday Night eSports? Cultural trend is pointing to various changes from ESPN having a moment adding eSports in their page for coverage.

For gamers its exciting and its considered as their new form of entertainment. Sunday night is now a time to watch their favorite eSports teams and players to duke it out on stage for the first time this year. It’s not that gamers aren’t watching traditional sports, its because gamers are really passionate and genuine about their interest in the game.


League of Legends January 17, 2016 matchups

Currently these matches (picture above) are being held in a best-of-one series and later during the season will be changed to best-of-two in Europe or best-of-three in North America, confirmed via Riot Games. These will give added value to organizations, teams, players and viewership. With the best-of-one series it leaves the fans somewhat needing some more. With the new best-of series that will be implemented during the League of Legends Summer Split 2016, it will give a more fanfare that will appeal to Western markets.

Small community events like the one I attended will surely grow. But there are others out there who have like minded interest in eSports that have no way with interacting with others and would like to be part of a gaming community.

There is a great correlation with watching and playing. With watching there’s a satisfying way of understanding the game as well as appreciating the mechanics of a professional player. After watching the game, its time to get in with friends and test what the professional players have that that you could incorporate with your skills. This correlation is what makes these very intriguing to eSports fans because it keeps engaging them in their interest.

There are many events out there not only caters to spectators and casual gamers, their are also local tournaments out there that many aspiring gamers to get in the grind. Also, other than the professional scene in eSports. Riot gets involved with universities across the nation in United States and created bracket-style collegiate tournaments called uLoL. They have featured Robert Morris University @RMUeSports.


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