We’re proud to announce our partnership with Inconspicuous Gaming (@InConGaming) to help local gamers connect in Vero Beach, Florida.  I reached out to the founder, Zechariah and exchanged our visions and immediately connected through our passion in connecting gamers locally. Zechariah was excited that his gamers would know when, where, time and date would their next gaming events will be. I have never met him in person (just over the phone), but his excitement, passion and dedication in gathering gamers through gaming is what makes him an awesome community leader.

What is Inconspicuous Gaming – About? 

“Our logo/mascot is an Ostrich. The inspiration comes from the myth that an ostrich shoves its head into sand when its scared. It’s an idea that even though we game and we know it, not many people can see us. It’s like we’re hiding in plain sight just waiting for our chance to fly even if we don’t have the tools to do so.”

“We are Inconspicuous Gaming; a company founded on the ideal of using video games as a tool to bring the community together and provide a positive experience for everyone involved.”

“Our mission locally is to provide a place for gamers of all types and fans of all genres to come together in a positive environment. Nationally our mission is to enlist the industry and community to work together to make gaming a positive experience.”

“From a business perspective, we would like to eventually open up a LAN gaming center in Vero Beach. From a community perspective, our goal is to bring people together through the wonderful tool of gaming.”

Prior to January of 2016, Zechariah has hosted weekly online series qualifiers and local qualifying events with the end goal of bringing sponsored players representing Inconspicuous Gaming to compete in the 2016 Community Effort Orlando (CEO) on June 24-26. By sponsoring players, he is helping gamers build a brand and players not only to to get exposure, but to become professional gamer. If you ever just want to reach to to Zechariah just reach out to him at their Facebook and without hesitation will get back to you with lightning speed.


Q: Inconspicuous Gaming, InCon, ICG, why so many names?

A: The main name that we go by is Inconspicuous Gaming, but it‘s a bit long so we decided to have a couple of different shortened names so that no one has to twist their tongue when referencing us!

Everything Zechariah and Inconspicuous Gaming is all driven through the gaming community. His passion lies in gaming and his brand is his reflection of what his players represent in their upcoming local events and big tournaments. Feel free to give Inconspicuous Gaming a Subscribe, Tweet, Like and Follow to support Zechariah’s passion in connecting the gaming community in Vero Beach, Florida.

*Update: 03/10/16

Find Inconspicuous Gaming events in the Ward app available in both Apple and Android devices.






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