We’re proud to announce our partnership with The Nexus Gaming (@NexusGamingNJ) to help their vision to create a gaming community in their establishment at Union City, NJ.

Our partnership will allow gamers know when their upcoming events will be from various games from Street Fighter, Call of Duty, Smash Bros and so much more. They want to be able to provide gamers a gaming hub in their local area and hopes to unite all forms of gamers locally.


The Nexus Gaming Team from left to right: Nick, Chris, and Taka.  All three share the same passion for video games and have built their community it.


We’re excited to see them grow! For more information about The Nexus Gaming feel free to to give them a tweet, like, follow and a shout-out for making a gaming community in Union City, NJ at thenexusgaming.com.

Support The Nexus Gaming’s upcoming events in the Ward eSports platform available in both Apple and Android devices.






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