Case in point, there are too many platforms out there! As the interest level goes up for competitive video games, fans worldwide are struggling to find local gaming communities in their respective areas.  What ends up happening is that they sitting at home playing and watching competitions on video streaming sites like Twitch.

I put together some questions to see what’s its like to be in a mindset of a typical eSports fan:

  • How can I find a community to play or watch locally?
  • How can can I be a part of this hype where I could find a community to talk eSports and cheer on my favorite team and players, just like traditional-sports?

These are some of the questions that struggling fans asks who just want to enjoy their favorite games, teams and players among like-minded individuals.

Ward eSports survey with over 1500 participants.


There are some local gaming communities who hosts small to medium sized events during the course of the year and will try to reach out to gamers in the most popular social platforms only to get little to no results. We blogged about a recent event at Philadelphia hosted by N3rd St Gamers on a StarcCraft 2 tournament, Cheesadelphia 2. Lets take a look which platforms they used:

To see how the event was like with 48 participants and a handful of spectators, check out our recent blog on Community Gaming at N3rd Street Gaming.

Let’s take another look at another event by Olympus eSports, in which they are hosting a Smash Brothers event at Greenville, South Carolina.

It’s very discouraging for fans who are interested in a eSports event near Greenville South Carolina area and not knowing the date, time and place when its happening. To see what I am talking about, search “Tiger Smash 4 Olympus eSports” at your favorite search engine or click the link.

Gamers find themselves not being part of a community with so many platforms out there. It gets confusing, frustrating and a big hassle to look for these events, and that some may even give up looking for them. By the time when the find out about the event, it will be too late or it has already passed.

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